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“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that,

but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”

~ William Butler Yeats

The Life Reentry ® Model

Description: Want to re-engage with life even after loss? Are you stuck in that space between the life you had and the life you want to lead (the Waiting Room)? Have you forgotten who you are and struggled to understand who you are becoming?

The Life Reentry® Model offers proven pathways forward for you to:

  • Be Seen & Heard: Acknowledge your story, cleanse your grief, validate your losses – including the hidden losses, shifts in identity, and fears for the future.
  • Be Real: About your Waiting Room; your life as it is relative to what was, and what you want it to be.
  • Be Kind:  Let go of shame and judgment.
  • Be Brave: Identify unhelpful thoughts and emotions that are lingering; then alchemize (Reframe) those which will aid in your healing.
  • Be Integrated: Recognize the voices of your Survivor, Watcher, and Thriver and understand how each serves you.
  • Be Hopeful: Integrate who you were, who you are, and what you know by cultivating a depth of presence and possibility.
  • Be Engaged: Re-engage with life on your own terms as by designing Plug-ins; small, safe, life-affirming steps towards wholehearted living, loving, and laughing again.
the flourishing space

Who This is For: Individuals, 18+ who have experienced life-altering adversity or loss

Delivery Format: Online, in-person, and/or one-to-one.  Pricing info. is available by request.

Note: This series is also offered as a hybrid program culminating in a weekend retreat.

Please email: info@theflourishingspace.com for more information. This program is currently only offered on a limited basis.


The Grief Recovery Method®

Description: TGRM is a time-tested educational method for people experiencing a variety of losses, including the death of a loved one, divorce, estrangement, job loss, pet loss, moving, loss of health or autonomy, loss of personal safety or wellbeing, and more.

TGRM provides a framework and safe space for you to heal your heart. We will discuss the emotional realities of loss. We will take a look at beliefs about grief and will take action steps to acknowledge and articulate unresolved painful emotions in a supportive, non-judgmental, and healing environment. Participants learn tools and skills designed for continued healing and growth beyond the duration of the group sessions using a program that is 35+ years old.

Who This is For Adults 18+

Delivery Format: In-person weekly sessions 60-120 minutes in duration.

The Grief Recovery Method Support Groups (7-8 sessions)

Grief Recovery Method One-to-One Support (6-7 sessions)

Grief Recovery Method Support: When Children Grieve – A Program for Parents Who Are Supporting Kids Through Loss (6 sessions)


One-to-one Support Pricing. Group Support Pricing.

Scholarships are available.


*The Bounce Back Better® System

A Flourishing Center® Program

for Resilience Training

Description:  Learn evidence-based skills and strategies designed to help you manage the transition, cultivate resilience, innovate under pressure, improve relationships, overcome overwhelm, and increase well-being and control.

Who This is For Organizations & Individuals

Delivery Format: In-Person Workshops, 1-12 modules available.


More info. about per person/per session pricing can be found here.

Full price for the series is here.  Email info@theflourishingspace.com about large group discounts for organizations.


Mindfulness X

Description: An eight-week course introducing the practice of mindfulness as a pathway to peace and resilience.  Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness.

Who This is For Organizations & Individuals

Delivery Format: 120-min to 150-min workshops in-person

More info. about pricing can be found here.


*Flourishing Skills Groups®

Description: A ten-week group program offering tools and support to boost your happiness, manage your stress, increase self-awareness, develop meaningful friendships, and gain tools for self-mastery.

Who This is For Adults 18+ and Youth 15+ with Parental/Guardian Attendance

Delivery Format: In-Person and Online


More info. about pricing can be found here.

* Flourishing Skills Groups® and Bounce Back Better® are registered trademarks of The Flourishing Center and were designed by a leading voice in the positive psychology movement, Emiliya  Zhivotovskaya, Founder and CEO of The Flourishing Center (TFC).
Rachel trained under Emiliya and completed her Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) at TFC.
Please click here to learn more about CAPP certification.